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I am looking for hopefully a more complete list on what is what, what affects what, stability etc. I know some descriptions are very good in vLite already, but as you know, sometimes removing OS stuff can cause instability etc. Also hopefully some1 and the later versions of nLite/vLite can tell us what can be removed for more performance. I want my vista to be fast, no need to be fancy etc... like aero's transparency is like not noticed often. i strunk my vista ultimate to abt 1 GB+ already. but i am worried that it may be unstable etc. havent installed the shrunk version. Also for the Drivers, if i remove them, would it mean i have to install every single driver? INF, Display, USB devices etc?

Thank for the fantastic nLite and vLite :thumbup Looking forward to the final versions, hopefully where i can integrate stuff & make a unattended install like nLite

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