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Thoughts on IE7


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When I first installed IE7, I panicked a little when I saw there were no menus. I wasn't sure how I was going to access some features. It was fine for a while, but then I wanted to open my favorites list, and I couldn't find it. While part of my brain was still thinking about it, my hands instinctively pressed "CTRL-I". Later, when I wanted to refresh a page, I pressed F5, and when I wanted save the current page, CTRL-S. The lack of a menu made part of my brain think I was in a DOS application, and I started using keyboard shortcuts. Isn't it ironic that originally, computer applications were used without menus, then they were introduced, and then gotten rid of, yet keyboard shortcuts remained the whole time? I feel kind of old, since I actually remember the last time they made applications without menus. I guess computer interfaces are like fashion: if you wait long enough, an old style becomes popular again.

I just hope they keep them, because I have them all memorized for most Microsoft applications, as I have for over a decade now.

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