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Unattended setup and switching USB mouse/keyboard

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1. Install system using unattended CD.

2. Unplug all cables from the system.

3. Replug system, but insert USB mouse and keyboard in different USB ports as the one they where in when installing the system.

4. Boot system.

5. Select a user account in the Windows Welcome screen...

Problem: Mouse and keyboard do not respond.

Is this common for Windows XP SP2 or is this a problem with my hardware? The same happens when a different keyboard or mouse is used, while they are in the same port as the keyboard and mouse where when I installed the system.

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Hi, i've the same problem at work ... but only on DELL PC !

I'm also interested by a solution for this problem ...

And remember, i think throwing all DELL all Dell PC against a wall is not a solution :-)

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If you are using a different model of USB Mouse/Keyboard, the drivers will not have loaded yet. The same thing if you change the USB ports. When hardware is loaded to a USB port, that is the port it is loaded on. If you plug the same hardware into another USB port you will need to load the drivers for the hardware to work on the new USB port. If the user is not an admin of the system, the drivers will not load for new Hardware. We have a USB KVM that is used when loading systems, but when they are given to the users and setup with thier USB Mouse and Keyboard, an admin has to Remote Desktop into the system and the drivers will load with no problem. There is no problem with the Hardware, but how M$ controls the Hardware installation. Hardware can't load until someone logs in.

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