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whats the use of ndis2sup.vxd


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...a long time gone, since dial'up connection tweaked as learned in -those days- Axcel 216. I get excellent connections disabling loading of ndis2sup.vxd in regedit -similar as removing vnetbios MDGX's tweak-.

Today in a wirelss connection all the way downloading at 70 kbs without the ndis2sup.

Is not just an excentricity, as less controllers better the connections, less the protocols better, so... for the people here that really knows (I´m a layer in a remote south american country...)what do you think?

Thanks for all what I know -and use- about windows

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AXCEL216 = MDGx [different nickname, same person] ;)


http://members.aol.com/axcel216/ = http://www.mdgx.com/ [same web site]

About ndis2sup.vxd:

I don't remember having a tip about this file at my site and I'm not aware of such tip.

But I do have a tip about vnetbios.vxd:


More info about ndis2sup.vxd @ MSKB:





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