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excel (office 2000) bug?


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We are using excel (office 2000) on Windows 2000 computer. After we finish one job and close excel, everything is fine; however, when we try to reopen excel again, excel stays in the toolbar, or excel only shows the frame(inside is desktop GUI).

After opening "task manager", there are two excels in task. If we kill both of "excel"s and reopen excel, everything is working well. So every time, we have to open "task manager" to kill excel, then reopen it.

Is there any patch to fix this?

Thanks in advance!

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Does this happen with all of your Excel spreadsheets? I'm not sure a patch would fix it... Have you tried a detect and repair on Office? If still having a problem, I would just reinstall it. By doing that you'd most likely fix your problem and wouldn't have to waist tons of time finding the exact cause/resolution.

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