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News Update: January 5th, 2007

As of today, DFI has decided that honesty and integrity are not their cup of tea.

DFI and DFI-Street.com have parted ways because of this.

If you are at all inclined to complain about the situation, here are some email addresses that you should send letters to:

Frank Wong - DFI USA Support Manager


Ed Huang - Head of North American DFI Operations:


YC - CEO of DFI (Taiwan):


DFI-Street.com will no longer be supporting DFI products unless your emails generate a response from DFI HQ and they decide to continue to purchase advertising or support help.

In the meantime, DFI-Street.com is now available for open advertising, or even for outright purchase.

If you are interested in a joint-venture of content or wish to use DFI-Street's heavy enthusiast traffic base to promote your products, please contact me via telephone:

xxx-xxx-xxxx (Dys: Omited, check site for number)

and leave a voice message with your name, telephone number, and any pertinent information as to the nature of your call.

Travis "Happy_Games" Hill

DFI-Street.com owner/admin

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