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Thanks for the Bart Info. I did have a question or two i would have liked to ask him, but I got the impression from his site that to do so might be fruitless. I respected that, and for the wealth of knowledge he has shared, I did not try to get in touch with him. Part of the problem I was having incorporating his PE in my ModBoot was that I was doing it the opposite from his example: Instead of using the PE CD to optionally load other images, I was using other images to load PE. That was all days, if not weeks, ago, so I am more than a little fuzzy on the details.

Again, thanks for the info.

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Just a small point,

Removing bootfix.bin will cause the cd to boot everytime providing that the option is set in the bios to boot from cd. This of course will cause your install to halt if you fail to pull the cd out after the first reboot. I know you have all said that before but ...

If you are installing on an unformated drive and using a modern bios you dont need to set the bios to boot from the cd, it should do this on its own as it fails to find any valid hard drives. In this case the first reboot will continue on the hard disk as it is now partitioned and formated.

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