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[How-to] Add Recycle Bin to start menu


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In case anyone is interested, i have been tinkering with this Recycle Bin on the Desktop for a while as I wasn't satisfied with implementing the attached hack only to have to then still select it after windows booted up. here is what i discovered. i am including because i haven't found it anywhere else (i suspect I am not the first to discover this but maybe someone who will follow will be interested)

; ### will reveal whatever is set to OEMLink in Start Menu at logon (in this case Recycle Bin) even if default behavior hides it



; ### will remove Recycle Bin from desktop at logon even if default behavior places Recycle Bin on desktop



; ### will set the default behavior of the OEMLink in Start Menu to VISIBLE

; ### in the absence of this setting the default behavior of the OEMLink in Start Menu is set to VISIBLE so this setting should really be unnecessary



; ### will set the default behavior of the Recycle Bin on the desktop to HIDDEN

; ### in the absence of this setting the default behavior of the Recycle Bin on the desktop is set to VISIBLE



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forgive me, i know barely enough to be dangerous. the suggestions i made were built on top of the files that Cygnus and others have contributed towards which referenced the same number. from reviewing the file authored by Cygnus and others, it looks like the number i used was defined in an earlier registry entry. in any case it has worked consistently.

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actually, i just unpacked and searched through the inf included in your UberPack and the it contains this random number, and looks defined.

He means CLSIDs in general. You can create them in Visual C++ for your apps, and MS's software generated them randomly. In the Windows OS, yes, they have a consistent meaning, but way back when, when Windows 2000 was created, all of the OS component CLSIDs started life this way -- as randomly generated numbers when Microsoft was compiling the libraries.

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Instead of hiding the Recycle bin on the Desktop you can also move the Recycle bin to My computer. To show the Recyclebin on Start Menu I use the following tweaks:

;Add Recycle bin to My computer
HKLM,"SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\MyComputer\NameSpace\{645FF040-5081-101B-9F08-00AA002F954E}",,0x0,"Recycle Bin"
;Add Recycle Bin shortcut to the Start Menu

;Remove Recycle bin from Desktop

NOTE: Only tested on Windows XP. I don't add extra options to any Windows menu. As I configure my CD no need to change options afterwards :whistle:

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I accidentally installed this in Vista. How do I restore everything so I can install the right one?

Please help :(

It seems all registry entries from this tweak are also modified in the Vista version. I tried removing everything and installing the Vista tweak but Recycle Bin doesn't show on my Start menu, whether the option is checked or not.

Removing it from the desktom works though...

Any ideas?

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If you used a registry file (*.reg), then you can add a "-" (minus sign) after all "[" and in front of "HKCU" or HKLM" or whatever it may be and it will delete all those entries.

So for example:


would become


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