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screen going crazy sounds like someone playing mario

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OK so I put the DVD in and everything goes fine till the first restart then the screen gets fuzzy diagonal strips across it and the speakers make a sound like noise combined with someone playing space invaders and Mario. then I unpluged the sound and pluged it back in and when I come back the screen is filled with 4s.

after a restart it worked fine.


AMD atholon x2 4400+

2 nvidia geforse 7900 gt oc

ASUS a8n sli x16 delux

2 gigs of ram

2 75 gig 10000 rpm sata HDDs in RAID 0 array

1 320 gig 7200 rpm sata HDD

1 benq dvd burner

700 wat psu

etc..(ask if you want more :wacko: )

PS. pardon my spelling

pss I also just found out that windows had installed itself in the partition that I use for my page file

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