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Help With Unattended Install Programs And Serials


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Hi there,

I am a newbie here so pls forgive my ignorance. I am trying to make an unattended windows xp pro installation with the following programs and trying to add the serials for the programs that need it. I have tried using nlite and windows unattended cd creator but am having problems putting in the serials to be inclusive. I have checked the programs addon page on the posts but not all my programs are listed. The programs i am trying to include are the following unless there are newer version available which i would be happy to use.

Internet Explorer 7

Cyberlink Power DVD 7

DVD Audio Extractor v3.1.1

DVD Decrypter v3.5.4.0

DVD Shrink v3.2.0.15

Flash FXP v3.3.6

IFO Edit v0.971

IsoBuster v0.99.7.5

Limewire Pro v4.12.3

Magic Iso 5.0

Nero v7.5.7.0

Prow Show Gold v2.6.1777

Quick SFV

Vob Edit v1.6

Virtual Dub v1.5.4

Virtual Dub Mod v1.5.4.1


Clone DVD2 v2.9.0.1

MP3 Cutter Joiner v1.05

Evox Skin Creator v0.02

xISO v1.1.5

Xbox Saves Manager v4.5

Mirc v6.1

Adobe Creative Suite 2 Premium Plus

Microsoft Office 2003 Pro

Norton Systemworks Premier 2005

Norton Internet Securities 2005

Framework 2.0

.Net Installer 3.0

Canon i865 Printer Software Installation Disc



Also need download link for .exe file for Windows XP Service Pack 3 to be able to add to Windows Unattended Install disc also if possible

Any help anyone can provide in regards to switches or any other method on making reg file for serial and how to use it and where to place it would be greatly appreciated

thanking you in advance


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Try search on RyanVM site for switchless installers and addons. Also try Universal Silent switch finder, which help find switches for unattended instalations. And then, USE WPI (windows post installer) from Siginet. Its absolutly ROCKS and must have tool for unattended windows creation. Has many options, important is: can import reg file before instalation and after instalation. I install required programs manualy, then searching registry or key files i export stuff to main APPS folder in appropiate app folder.



- [PowerDVD]

+ pdvd.exe

+ pdvd.reg

- [iE7]

+ ie7.exe

- and so on

Then make changes in WPI and you are done. It worked for me many times. I hope this little help you. Cheers.

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Also need download link for .exe file for Windows XP Service Pack 3 to be able to add to Windows Unattended Install disc also if possible

As far as I know there is no service pack 3. I wish there was, maybe get rid of the 75 post sp2 critical updates. Of course, it's not likely they'll release one, as they've got Vista out now.

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