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Unattended installation of KB917275

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I am attempting to include this update [KB917275] in an unattended batch file. Using no switch options it does install fine. Doesn't even demand a reboot. However, I have to answer all of the questions.

Notably, this update seems not to support /? to find out what the other options are.

I did try /Q which made all of the questions and answers go away, but, it seems to make it not install anything, just complete as if I cancelled out on the answers, etc.

Could this update possibly need some sort of response file [unattend.txt or whatever] or invoke some other option switches? [i don't know of any other update with this particular collection of traits, but some other new updates are appearing here and there breaking with their pasts as well].

Thanks guys,


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If it takes the /q switch, it probably will take the "/T:<path> /c" switches to extract it. The resulting installation files will likely give up their secrets with a /? :).

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