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WSUS over 3 sites


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I have WSUS 2.0 installed at site 1,2,3. WSUS site 1 has SSL enabled for its updates however i guess it wasnt needed as it only syncs with Microsoft update so they do it both ways.

We then installed WSUS at our 2 other sites which are 50 miles away from site 1. So would it be benefical and secure to enable SSL and make site 1 the upstream server (so site 2 and 3 get their updates from site 1)? If not could i remove SSL and sync with MS update (for site 2 and 3)as the way i see it you dont need SSL if you sync with MS - unless someone can tell me otherwise

And if i choose the make site 1 the upstream server and enable SSL on the other servers does this mean if i approve an update on site 1 this replicates over to site 2 and 3?

Thanks in advance.

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