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Problems Installing TV Capture Card


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I have an AGP All-in-Wonder 9200. I have been running XP just fine for a year or so with an older video driver. Recently I logged in as administrator, set a restore point and then tried to get it working as a TV capture card as well. Problems happened.

When I install the newer driver, I now have DirectDraw and Direct3d, needed for TV to work (ATI has a few troubleshooting tips on their website, that's how I know this.) Their toll-free number automatically hangs up on me after just 2 or 3 choices in the voice mail tree.

But the newer driver leaves 6 devices in Device Manager showing yellow question marks. Four are code 28 (driver for this device not installed), two are code 1 (this device is not configured correctly). When I look at Device Manager --> Properties --> Details tab, here is some of what I saw for each device:

For each of the 6 devices, we find this (so I don't have to type this 6 times):

Enumerator: DISPLAY

Devnode Flags:





Device Instance ID DISPLAY\NTATIVMD35\5&A81693A&2&80000007&01&00

Hardware ID: DISPLAY\NTativmd35

Compatible Ids: DISPLAY\NTativmd35


Device Instance Id: DISPLAY|NTATIVPD35\5&a81693A&2&8000000C&01&00

Hardware Ids: DISPLAY\NTativpd35

Compatible Ids: DISPLAY\NTativpd35


Device Instance Id: DISPLAY\NTATIVRA35\5&A81693A&2&80000009&01&00

Hardware Ids: DISPLAY\NTativra35

Compatible Ids: DISPLAY\NTativra35


Device Instance Id: DISPLAY\NTATIVRA35\5&A81693A&2&80000008&01&00

Hardware Ids: DISPLAY\NTativrv35

Compatible Ids: DISPLAY\NTativrv35


This device is not configured correctly. (Code 1)

Device Instance Id: DISPLAY\NTATIVTU35\5&A81693A&2&80000003&01&00

Hardware Ids: DISPLAY\NTativtu35

Compatible Ids: DISPLAY\NTativtu35

Note: ConfigFlags has no data listed -- CONFIGFLAG_FAILEDINSTALL is absent!

This device is not configured correctly. (Code 1)

Device Instance Id: DISPLAY\NTATIVXS35\5&A81693A&2&80000005&01&00

Hardware Ids: DISPLAY\NTativxs35

Compatible Ids: DISPLAY\NTativxs35

Note: The ConfigFlags is blank for this device too!

Fields like "ejection relations" (important for USB devices, no doubt) didn't seem important to list so I omitted them.

I suspect the CONFIGFLAG_FAILEDINSTALL is the reason the "Add New Hardware" wizard comes up at each boot. It can be dismissed by pressing "cancel" 3 or 4 times, but the underlying problem remains.

I believe the "Add New Hardware" wizard will be satisfied by finding a suitable *.inf file, but the only suitable *.inf file is the outdated video driver on the CD-ROM supplied with the capture card (no DirectDraw or Direct3d). The latest video driver (released on ati.amd.com) is only available as an *.exe file (Catalyst Software Suite, 48,952,672 bytes, version 6.11, release date 11-15-06). AFAIK, the 6 devices (with yellow question marks in Device Manager) were not listed before. Now they are listed, but I can't set them up correctly. So I guess I am making progress. Maybe the Device Instance IDs above will help, but for now, the new hardware wizard still comes up on each boot.

When I set this capture card up under Win98 two years ago, I had similar difficulties ("add new hardware" doesn't like EXE, vendor doesn't like INF, probably for technical reasons). But I did eventually get it working.

Also, I watched a DVD last night under XP, so I know it can work. But when I try to watch TV under XP, I get the message "The TV Player failed to initialize the video".

My equipment:

ABIT FV7, Athlon 2900 (TigerDirect), 1.5 GB RAM, onboard sound

Toshiba/Samsung TS-H 552U CD/DVD burner

ATI All-In-Wonder 9200 AGP (128 RAM I believe) (MADE BY ATI, NOT AN OEM)

Primary Master = 160 GB (about 20 Gigs NTFS for XP, then about 20 Gigs for linux, then about 100 GB FAT32 for data files accessible by both OSes)

I thought XP would handle difficult hardware more smoothly, but I guess any OS/software can have problems.

I wait for the vendor's e-mail response, but the EXE/INF issue is a Windows one, so I thought I should ask here. Can anyone tell me a good idea to solve this?

EDIT: so I guess what I am asking is:

First, How can I satisfy Windows New Hardware Detection with an EXE file? (not an INF) and

Second, Where do I find out more about what these devices require so I can know what Windows wants (files, registry entries and the like)?

I have a little experience with Device Instance ID and CLSID and chipset revisions, but I'm hoping it won't be that hard.

Thanks in advance for all your help,

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do you have Directx 9.0+ installed?

Usually needed for these to install correctly in my experience.

Did you uninstall any previous version?

Also normally needed.

Shouldn't matter for the drivers but .NET is also required for the software to run, might give it a shot too.

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> Do you have DirectX 9+ installed?

Oh, yes. Definitely. Putting 9.0c on the machine was about the second or third thing I did (I know a man who has had both CoolWebSearch and the ByteVerify trojan on the same box [same vuln.], so getting rid of Uncle Bill's BILT-BROKEN [tm] Java was JOB ONE). But after that, patching and DirectX. Even before installing Mozilla, Flash, Acrobat Reader and so forth.

When I put XP on 20 gigs of a blank 160 GB drive, I may have used a different video driver (came with a PCI 9200 I have, also genuine made-by-ATI). I don't know whether that disc put DirectX on or not. I think I installed DirectX on before any manufacturer video drivers.

The All-In-Wonder CD (untouched until yesterday, IIRC) contained DirectX 9.0A. The install routine did not install 9.0A over the top of 9.0C.

It would be nice if Windows installs would use a script instead of a compiled executable. This can aid in troubleshooting in some situations (will it install older libraries over the top of newer ones?). Although I've seen the 40K script that WordPerfect 8 for Linux* uses for installation, scripts can be harder than you think.

*AFAIK, WP 8/Linux is just WP 7/Windows, re-worked to run under *nix.

Scripts wouldn't help me here, I still don't know what unknown resources Windows is looking for, the items with the yellow question marks.

The latest video driver required DotNet 2.0, got it, no problems.

Thank you for your interest. They say the mind never sleeps, and I'm not in a hurry. Take your time. Please let me know if you can think of anything!

Thanks again,

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The latest video driver (released on ati.amd.com) is only available as an *.exe file (Catalyst Software Suite, 48,952,672 bytes, version 6.11, release date 11-15-06).

Latest ATI drivers not support All-in-Wonder 9200. Try Catalyst 5.x - 6.3

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I checked the CD that came with my All-In-Wonder. There is a PDF called "notes.pdf". It says the disc has software for Radeon 9800XT, 9600XT and 9600SE. It came in the box with my 9200 but is not meant for my 9200.

I looked at older versions like you said (Catalyst 6.1, 6.2, 6.3, 6.4). When the WDM install program sees my 9200, it will install an older WDM driver. The latest version of the software does not work with the 9200 chip.

The notes on the web say if you install the WDM driver before the video driver, you can prevent the "unknown devices" with the yellow question marks. I will print the instructions now before I start, and I will use the same version of WDM and display driver.

If I get it to work, I might reinstall XP over again if XP is bothered by installing and removing so much software this week. But I will write down what I do so I can get it to work again.

I will let you know how it works. Thank you!

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Thank you all, the problem is fixed now.

The disc that came with the capture card (ATI 9200) only supports later versions of the capture hardware (9600, 9800). This makes ATI look like a company that does not care. I downloaded an older version of the software from their website that promised to work with my 9200 chip.

The website says that the WDM drivers are a package that supports the capture chip and the various other resources where XP showed yellow question marks earlier. Installing the WDM package before the display driver prevented the yellow question marks. The tuner was never very sensitive (need BIG antenna), but I can play back tapes and convert to digital just fine, so it works pretty well for me.


REMEMBER: 1. Preserve Nature. 2. Always wear a helmet.

3. Ride safely. 4. Read owners manual carefully before riding.

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