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Signature removed more than once

Jaqie Fox

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OK I would like to know exactly what is going on here. I have had my signature removed not once but twice within an hour, not a PM nothing stating why (the first time it had a message stating the rules for sinatures replacing my signature)

It is definitely within forum guidelines, and I am more then a little miffed that it was removed not once but twice without even a PM as to why when it is definitely within the rules.

The second time it was:

"Images in signatures shall NOT exceed a total of 300x100 (30,000) and 80kb.

You can enter max 4 lines of text in signature or signature image."MODS: Image is 450x34 (15,300) and 8.7KB it is WITHIN rules.


I would love to know why it was removed not once but twice even though it is plainly within the sig rules.

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