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[Office 2K3 pro OEM] mini install?


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I need to make a “min install” of Office 2003 OEM.

The problem it is that it asks me the serial during the installation…

Is it possible to make a complete installation of Office and at the time it the first launching to ask the key of the product?

I need to make image ghost thereafter! :hello:

Best regards

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I think this is going to help you!


I have a lot stuff, :whistle: so i dont know where is my office Install, a file called Setup.ini or Setup.inf should be there (easier if you search with windows search for setup.*), check por PID or PIDKEY or PRODUCT KEY but it is disabled by a * or smoe character, anyway, doing just as is on that link, you can have an installation source called network installation, just ask for Acept the EULA and type of install (default or custom).

if you had not an answer before, is coze i dont came very often around here.

letus know if that helps you.


in the file setup.ini or inf is a line wich contains something like:

Microsoft Office 2003 Setup (or without the setup word) next to it you can ad: By Me! :thumbup

kind of fun to me! :thumbup

StarOffice User.

Have Phun! :thumbup

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