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Need help with creating a recovery system


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i was wondering if its possible to do create the next thing:

a partition(which will be unaccessable by users) in which i will store backup data of an entire XP install + all 3rd party program which are installed on the PC.

and to use that pertition to restore the funcionality of the PC both from the current OS installed and trough a bootable installation CD.

the main part is that the installation CD has to know where the backed up data is stored(use an answer file?)

i want to use the ASR but my main problem is that no floppys can be involved(magnetic media is not allowed).

and i want the whole proccess to be "unvisible" for the user, meaning put the CD in and it does all the tricks by its self. basicly it should be somthing like the restore CD and pertitions for compaq and other brand laptops.

can any one point me in the right direction reguarding guides, or reading materials so i could created a restore system of this kind.


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acronis trueimage 7 is now available for free...you can use that to create a hidden partition that creates a backup image of your hard drive, or partition, you can then choose to ask if you want to start the recovery manager by pressing F11 at bootup. No cd's are required for this operation.

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thanks a bunch.

i have only 2 questions:

1) i cannot find a proff that its free for some reason, do you have by any chance a link to the news repport that states that?

2) can you protect the recovery program with a password?

thanks again =)

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TI7.0 has been given away free on a few computer mags, check your local store you may still be able to find one.

When you create the backup partion you are given the option of password protecting the contents. This only stops the user from changing the contents, and the password needs to be supplied when restoring from this backup. It doesn't stop the partion from being deleted or viewed through the computer management console.

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