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Any chance of instructions on how to use this?

Does this also contain MassStorageDrivers? Basically when I update the site with the new hotfix script I want to keep things seperately otherwise readers might get confused. Or would this be too complicated to do since some files are shared (e.g. dosnet.inf)?

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OK, I had to do a bit of guesswork and using some of the instructions that GreenMachine put into a script he made available for download yesterday.

Created XPCD Folder, and placed the contents of the XP CD into there, as well as webmedic's hotfix folder. All the critical updates into folder 1 and the IE/OE Cumulative update, MDAC hotfix, msjava 3810 update and the WMP8 for XP update (assuming the user doesn't install wmp9):


Although when the do.cmd script processed folder 2, it error'ed 5 times.

Its now running setup in Virtual PC so I'll see how it goes. You might want to prevent the script from copying over winnt.sif as this could overwrite someone else's custom winnt.sif file.

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You dont need to put webmedics folders into your xpcd folder - just the output in folder 5 should be copied to your i386 folder - taking care to not overwrite your winnt.sif file OR putting your copy of winnt.sif in the files folder first.

In the base folder of webmedics folders there should be a log file you can post that would help with the errors.

Also if you are using folder 3 and the mdac fix you need to create an extra folder in you $oem$ path like -


and place "Q823718.EXE" in there as well as in folder 3.

Q823718.EXE should not be in folder 1 or 2

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yes also to note if you dont want to use my winnt.sif the raid drivers or the txtsetup.sif for the raid drivers then delete those out of the files folder and they will not be used.

One more thing if you put your winntbbu.dll into the files folder it will pack it up for you wile it does everything else. Mostly I set this up as my stageing area I edit everything here and include what I want in the files folder. Then when this script gets done it is all packed and ready to copy into my i386 folder.

It's a little les work for me in the long run. When i get done I'll add sp1 slipstreaming and iso building and stuff like that.

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Virtual PC's finished, but somehow my graphics display got corrupted and set to 8bit. :)

IE won't start either


not sure about that one that has never hapend to me

oh also one last thing make sure to unpack your sp1 cab from your i386 dir into files/sp1 this will also update the files in your sp1 cab. Three are quite a few that need to be updated by the way.

and also if you dont do this and you copied them over with out doing this then your sp1 cab will be completely empty which is bad I'll try to add better checks for that so this does not happen.

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I think I'll leave this alone for a while, there's a lot I don't know what I'm actually supposed to do, or what kind of hotfixes are supposed to be in the folders. It still errors out with invalid command syntax for the IE and OE cumulative updates in folder 2. The log file was also making references to C:\install\system\ C:\install\tmp even though I never created those, nor do I have any idea what they're for.

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I cant see anything in the log file except for the fact that its still running from a folder on the desktop. I think webmedic said he fixed that but you never know, you could try moving it to C:\XPCD and see if that helps.

Maybe Webmedic can spot something in the log.

Oh and that you still have "Q823718.EXE" in folder 2 and it dosnt work from there, it needs folder 3

My folder 1 list -


My folder 2 list -


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sorry it would have been easier to star on the thread i started.

Those folders install\system\hotfix3 needs to have the mdac hotfix in it and then it uses nstall/tmp to extract to durring setup. this was the only way to get mdac slipstreamed I tired amny things first.

In my finished script I would have it make all those directories

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Well, if you got a log file, I guess I'm off the hook for blowing anything up! I have seen that error screen before, but all I remember about the solution was that it was so obvious, I forgot it. I am not quite sure which Type 2 HotFixes can be applied. I do KB814078, Q327405, Q330994, and Q822925 without incident. Installations (MDAC 2.8, MPlayer9, IE 6.1, JavaVM, .Net, DX) I do seperately.

5 errors, 5 files in directory 2 ... Good Luck!

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ahhh, its all becoming crystal clear now :) All the hotfixes installed perfectly, except for mdac, (have to create the directories like webmedic said.)

I will work on making a guide on this (with images) to explain everything. The script will just be for hotfixes only (winnt.sif and raid drivers removed), and will link to webmedic's webspace for users who have a RAID setup and want the RAID and Hotfix combination script, as I can't test this myself.

First, I will instruct the user to extract to the root drive to avoid problems with folders that may contain spaces. Then, dump all the critical updates into '1', and the following in '2':

August Cumulative Update for Internet Explorer

April Cumulative Update for Outlook Express

JScript 5.6

MSJava 3810 Update

Hotfix for Media Player 8 for XP (assuming the user will not install WMP9 at a later time)

Catalog Database Corruption Update (817287)

And in '3':

MDAC hotfix (Not forgetting to create $oem$\$1\install\system\hotfix3 and $oem$\$1\install\tmp and moving Q823718_.EXE file to the hotfix3 folder.)

Followed by extracting the sp1.cab into /files/sp1 and then run do.cmd. Lastly, copy everything to your i386 directory (which should have been slipstreamed with SP1 previously).

Last question:

1. Does it matter what filenames are used for each of the hotfixes? Or should they all be renamed to Q######.exe?

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If I may make a suggestion (or two...):

The script to do the hotfix slipstreaming works great, but is kind of a black box. If it were to be used as a learning device, perhaps there should be a few changes for clarification/simplification.

RAID could be a seperate case study.

MDAC is particular and trickey, perhaps it should not be here as well (I do it from cmdlines.txt).

Perhaps a few more ECHO to screen statements, to have an idea ...

Descriptive directory names. How about HFTYPE1, HFTYPE2, WORKDIR, SAVEDIR instead of 1, 2, 4, 5, respectivly.

The generated log file seems a bit long ...

Please take these words for what they are intended to be: suggestions, and by no means criticism.

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nope actually I am in the middle of a cleanup with other things in mind for it also hopefully the idea would be a complete toolbox app that you dont have to touch at all and it compiles everything for you. I did the log.txt for this so I could track what some other people are doing and they dont need to read it at all as it is more for me to see if they are messing things up.

The idea with this is that if sp1 is there then it compiles it in. The hotfixes would go in thier directory and if there they will then also be compiled in. Same for raid controller stuff. Also to note that I want it setup so that any files that you would have a need to edit you can keep in one place and not have to go hunting for them the script would make sure they are were they belong. In the end the only thing you could really mess up is putting the wrong hotfixes in the wrong places.

Also as a side note if you have dx9 or .net or whatever the idea would be to auto include these aslo. Now as for completeting this it is maybe 50% done with basicly the do_hotfixes.cmd finished and almost ready the other stuff is kind of small in comparison but i have already doen up the whole directory structure and am working on other little bits also.

Now The only thing that the end user may have to do would be to rename the hotfixes by hand. I have the script turning them into 8.3 already but most of them have windowsxp at the very front of them so your would end up with one hotfix by the name of windowsx.exe and all the rest would be wiped out. I'm not sure of coletion time on this but maybe by the end of this week.

Everything could downloaded in packs and added to the install tree or at least that is my idea.

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