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ntoskrnl Warning


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Some Background first.

On my last install cd that I made (well before I found MSFN) I used to use an alternative kernel file with an edited orange swooshing graphic.

I did this by including the alternative kernel file in the $oem$ folder and copying it into place during the guirunonce section of the install process, it was called ntsokrnl and so avoided any wfp problems.

I then used a batch file to add the relevant boot instructions to the end of the boot.ini file.

Now the possible problem.

I never had a problem with this method and did hundreds of installs this way. However recently I have changed my entry level pc to a Hyper threading model and instantly found a problem.

When the pc booted for the first time after the replacement kernel was put in place it would hang at the usual boot screen, just like it would if you used a ntoskrnl.exe from a pre sp1 install on a sp1a install.

I used a copy of pebuilder to access the boot.ini file and edit out the offending line and all was well.

Now in one of the post sp1 hot fixes there is a new kernel file along with a couple of similar named files and I am led to believe that in some case the install process can rebuild or replace ntoskrnl.exe with a fresh version from one of these extra files.

I am speculating that if the install process finds a cpu that supports hyper threading then the kernel gets replaced with one built from one or the other of these extra files.

The purpose of this is to warn anyone that maybe attempting to replace there kernel with one that is pre modded for images during the start-up process that the install could potentially fail depending on weather the pc supports HT technology.

Unfortunately I didn't keep a copy of the kernel file from the HT machine and don't have one to hand to compare with one from my non HT machine so all this could just be a waste of your time and mine :rolleyes:

If you got to the end of this well done :)

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