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RIS user permission


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Dear all,

I've a RIS setup installation that is working just fine.

I can setup any client I want but with admin right only. Without admin right the user is getting the osc error msg 000004E4F.

On the official microsoft page they say that this is a windows 2000 domain upgrade to 2003 problem. But I don't have any windows 2000 domain, only 2003 (RIS + ADS).

Since I don't want to give admin right to all user for the client setup, i'm looking for a solution rergarding this issue.

Can anyone help me ?



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The KB talks about that error, but it really means ultimately that the user doesn't have the rights to create or modify computer accounts in the AD (regardless of version), and that's why it works as admin without that error (don't fixate on the article too much, fixate on the actual error message and it's meaning). If you want this to work for regular, non-admin users without error, you'll need to delegate the rights to that user or user group to join machines to the domain.

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thank you for your reply.

Well I've tryed to set all the permission possible on the RIS server. In the security tab from the RIS server, I've set create domain object and everything relating to the creation of ADS object.

Do you know exactly what permission as to be set and where ?

thank you for your feedback.

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