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Microsoft .Net Famework Hotfix

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ah yes. I prefer to have system things installed before first boot. it's better to have it wetup before the first uer boots into the system. Not to mention i did it that way to get the hacked uxtheme.dll to work before miso gave us the one he did and since it is already set up that way I'll leave it.

Mostly it just to have system stuff setup. and also soonish here I should have some extra things slipstreamed into the installer but they can be done like hotfixes through the svcpack.inf because the registry is so much different so they need to be done through cmdlines.txt before first boot. DX9 and .net 1.1 are good examples of this.

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ah ancient chinese secret. No really cmdlines.txt calls my inf install script which in turn calls the other things. What you are refering to is movie maker 2 and .net both. They both use the msi installer. You can simply give a command that starts up the windows installer service and then it installs the stuff no problem. Only thing is it leaves big ugly command windows open durring install. There is no output in them and no way to get rid of them without messing up the installer. As soon as the install ends the windows close on thier own.

Not only that dont believe evrything you here. The first thing I do is set up my user account after that you can install all the apps you want. Now I did find other problems with doing it this way like not being able to clean up all the lnk's and stuff due to them being in funny places durring graphic install. Graphic install uses some strange path varaibles for some things which menas you have to tweak things to get them to the right palces. If I wanted to though I could do the whole app proccess before you ever get to guirunonce and have durring a few installs.

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ok if I get time latter today I'll post a topic on how to use inf files for your install. It's not so hard but I did have to mess with it quite a while to get some parts of it figured out.

That would be most appreciated, webmedic :rolleyes:

Seen some of the screenshots of your .inf thing in action and it looks pretty good... much nicer than the .cmd way :)

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