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Blue screen after the first restart of win98 install

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With my multiboot DVD, I get a very frustating error after the first restart of the win98 install.

It says: (translated, don't know exactly what it would say in the english version of win98)

Error writing to disk, Cannot write to floppy in station C:

Data or files are possibly lost

Press any key to continue

When I press a key it says:
During the initialization of device SHELL:

Cannot find or load the required file KRNL386.EXE

General error reading station C

Abort, Again, Fail?

Do you know why I get this error and how do I solve it?

I already tried to add the win98 files from another cd, but that won't help.

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I never had any troubles with my my Windows 98SE, but checking on it now I find I have the same problem. More precisely, I get the blue screen after the second reboot, right before the first logon (after the first reboot, there just is a short PnP detection phase).

I also found the problem described here, but no solution besides "blaming" VMWare

posting 1

posting 2

Unfortunately, I had made several changes since I lasked checked in Win98SE:

went from 32 bit to 64 bit hardware, although I kept my XP x86 in one case

upgraded to VMWare server 1.0.10 and 2.0.2, respectively

replaced Nero by mkisofs to create my ISO files

I now made two setups to compare:

1. ISO from my Win 98SE OEM CD

2. ISO made with mkisofs using the same files as in 1, using cdshell to boot my floppy image

In both cases I use the same floppy image with MSBATCH.inf on it.

1. works perfectly on VMWare

2. gets me the blue screen using VMWare, but it works using VirtualPC

My ISO file is smaller than 800MB, so I guess it's not a file order problem. To be sure, I even copied the files onto the HDD and started setup from there. I don't know how more equal 1. and 2. could get than this. Still, 2 does not work. Of course I would prefer being able to stick with VMWare for all testing; it had so far not let me down in any way.

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