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Removing office 2003 key after slipstream installation


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Hi all,

For my job, i need a office 2k3 cd with all update (sp2 and all others), create an office 2k3 slipstremed cd with all update isn't a proble for me, but the serial was insert a the beginning (when i start the Administrative Installation Point).

My problem is simple :

I wanna make this cd for the customer computer of my shop (i sell computer) and when the customer buy office 2003, it's easier for us to use a full slipstream office 2k3 CD.

So, there is a solution to remove and reinstall the new key (the ley written on customer's box), or the solution is to create a silent pack with all update and install it after the normal installation of office 2k3 cd ?

Tnx for your answer, and sorry for my poor english.


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try this. I make no guarentees. Edit the answer file that is created with notepad and search for the key you entered. It is stored in clear text.

Then either delete it or replace it with an invalid key. The install should then ask for a key.

Or if you are doing the installs to the machines then change the key in the registry and when it sees that it is invalid at the first launch of an office app it asks for the correct key.

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There is no awnser file (if i wrong, where is this ?).

Here : http://unattended.msfn.org/unattended.xp/view/web/48/ :

From here, you can fill in the Organization Name and your Product Key (this is also the last time you will ever need to insert your Office 2003 Product key!).

Also with the ork tools, the mst files doesn't have the serial inside.


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