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vpc + installshield

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I followed the info on THIS page. Start installing my program (virtual pc) and get to the end.

Now i've tried searching for this setup.iss file in windows dir and by using xp search function both before clicking finish and after. Not once could I find anything. Not in windows dir and no search results (other than pqmagic's iss that i made).

Tried recording one during install like I did with pqmagic but that don't seem to work (switches don't work) -> Setup.exe /r /f1C:\filename.iss replacing C:\filename.iss nor does

Setup.exe -R /f1C:\filename.iss

Can anyone help me out here ? Where is this dang phantom setup.iss file ??

Can I make this manually ? Can I just copy pqmagic's (ver 8) and replace serial an stuff ?

(also checked docs + sets\username\local\temp, not there either)

Thx in adv


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-deleted original response-

Installed VPC standard way. When finished exported reg info then deleted from reg. Uninstalled, re-installed, entered reg info. WORKX :):D


Is there a reason why, when you run the install from setup.exe it says it InstallShield yet I installed it with Windows Installer options by running the msi ?

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