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nLite 1.2 RC - Unattended Regional tab


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Hi, I'm pretty new to nLite so bear with me.

I've found nLite pretty stright forward with the exception of two things.

1st and least important is the question i get asked when finishing the unattended section about my first user logon being with administrative privilage, what is the question purpose and what are the effects of answering yes or no ? (I have created several user acounts and the first of them is an administrator acount).

2nd is the regional settings tab i found it a bit obscure perhapse because i expected it to be more like the regional settings section in the windows setup. I've found a forum post asking pretty much the same question but it seems it was misunderstood and so the answers missed the spot.

The situation is this I'm installing the english version of windows xp, the desired result is when the installation is finished is having the language bar active with both the english and hebrew keyboards.

With the regular install that would normaly require me to turn on support for right-to-left languages and then adding the hebrew keyboard, the question is is that possible to accomplish with nLite ?

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