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Any Eazy way to integrate drivers


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Is there any easy way to integrate drivers?

you know not stuff that risks messing up my Windows 2000 and then I have to redo everything.

I want to integrate drivers to my Windows 2000 CD?

What I am asking is, is there any freeware to integrate drivers, or software to make a self extracting driver install and install with svcpack?

nLite doesn't work, nor does any other method easy to use.

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Well, i haven't tried using my program (http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=70209) during installation but you could try it in 2 diffrent ways i guess:

a) Use nlite to add it to RUNONCE option so it will be run right after first login (use autologin feature that nlite proposes too). Set my program in automatic mode so it will start running and close itself after completion.

B) Use it in other part of setup but you have to read about that on unattended pages. You gotta figure it out on yourself.

Keep in mind that i am mostly guessing here, but i am preety sure option a) is very doable, option B) is probable with some work ;)

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