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Slipstreaming .NET into Windows Source


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I read the thread about slipstreaming it, but you have to have the netfx1.cab, which means that you can only do 1.1, to get SP1 and the ASP.NET patch, you have to run those during runonceex..

I am willing to assist with making the inf's etc, but I don't know enough about the way the infs work to make it myself (I know the basics, so I can modify)

So far, I have .NET 1.1, the SP1 patch, and the ASP.net patch for SP1. I have created the administrative install point, and slipstreamed the SP1 patch and ASP.net patch for SP1 into the main .net install.

I would just use runonceex to install, except that I want all windows components (by components, I mean api addons, shell extensions, etc) to be integrated so they copy during textmode.

Here is what I have found so far:

XP Pro SP2 + RyanVM Update Pack


4 = "%cd2name%","%cd2tagfilei%",,\cmpnents\netfx\i386


netfx.cab = 4,,,,,,_x,,3,3


d4 = \cmpnents\netfx\I386




Needs = wbem,com,TabletPC,Freestyle


1=%cd2name%, "netfx.cab",, "\cmpnents\netfx\i386"

These will probably need to be modified.

After slipstreaming the service pack and patch to DNF 1.1, inside the folder are the following:

Program Files




Program Files and Win are both folders. Most of this has been documented in the other thread I read, but I wanted to restate it to prevent having to look for the info later.

I should add that I know this can be done, as when integrating RyanVM's update pack, I took a look inside the 7z, and there is a msi in there (webfldrs.msi) which is compressed into webfldrs.ms_ after integrating it.

Also, I think that the contents of Program Files and Win (and all subfolders of both) should be compressed into a cab to make it easier to manage, and then just reference the cab for all file actions from the inf(s)..

Lastly, in the i386 folder are several more *.ms_ files that I am willing to bet are msi's as well, such as msnmsgs.ms_ (bet it's msn messenger, whatever version ships with xp), so please dont just disregard this post, if you have any info, please let me know. Thanks.

Here is my first question:

Since there is already a directive to install .net (being the netfxocm.inf), could I make a cab from the win and program files folders, and then just modify the netfxocm.inf to copy the files in the new cab to where they are supposed to be?

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Well I decided to start on it. So far the progress is good. I have figured out that inside of netfxocm.inf is a bunch of files that are not in the fully patched 1.1 so I am commenting those out and adding the files in that are new. My problem is not going to be figuring out where the files go (thank god for virtual machines), but what registry entries are written and which are different from the 1.0 install.. Used to be that I could use cleansweep to find out, but I havent seen that product in a while. Anyone know of a better program, because I really dont want to have to install 1.0, export the entire registry, remove it and install 1.1 and export again then use a side-by-side diff program to find out....

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Ran into a snag.. In the install section I see an entry named CA I looked all over the web for what that would be and the only thing I can come up with is Custom Action.. If this is a Custom Action, where does it define what the custom action is (be it execute, or copy, or whatever).. I need to know this because the custom action is actioninstall and in the actioninstall section it has the following:


"""mofcomp.exe"" ""%10%\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v1.0.3705\netfxcfgprovm.mof""",netfxcfgprovm.mof,%11%\wbem

It would really help me to know what the line does. I checked the help for mofcomp.exe and it only needs the filename of the mof file to be processed.. the purpose behind the 2nd declaration of the mof file and the declaration of %11%\wbem is unknown. When I look in wbem, I don't see anything related to .net either (not even the netfxcfgprovm.mof file)

I'm stumped and need to know because netfxcfgprovm.mof isnt in 1.1, only 1.0, but there is aspnet.mof in 1.1 that is _not_ in 1.0

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Ok status update..

I found a tool that lets me view the tables in the MSI (Orca, which is part of the WS2k3 SDK), and discovered that CA in the inf actually DOES stand for CustomAction, and that the 1.0 msi is nearly identical to the inf.

With that now being known, I set about looking at how the tables are done in the 1.0 msi so i could figure out the netfxcfgprovm.mof problem. I then looked at the tables in the 1.1 installer that had the same thing at the beginning of the line and saw that they are done the same way, but for aspnet.mof and aspnet.mof.uninstall..

So, the customaction is now outta the way, and I'm working on setting the registry keys. Once that is done I will go back and make sure that all of the files are setup to be installed in the right place, and I will post this to the releases forum....

Hope to have it done by the end of Sept, but we will see.

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Actually I did, but the person that released it has disappeared, and it gives some errors and not all .net programs work with it installed, so I am just making my own version that I can test and release. I will probably make separate releases for 1.1 and 2.0 and then combine them into one later on.

For right now, I just want to get something out the door.

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