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Hotfix 823980, /N Switch & Windows Update.

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Boy, this one bugged me ...

My unattended XP CD worked fine, with all the latest critical updates. However, Windows Update consistantly reported that the Blaster Worm update, 823980, needed to be installed. Repeated installs from the site were of no avail. The 823980 Scanner tool, used from another PC, reported that the update had been installed. To make a long story short, after a day of trial and error, it turns out that Windows Update relies on the presence of registry key HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\KB823980 to (very scientifically) determine if the patch has been applied. No "Uninstall" keys are created during a "/N" install, and subsequent install would report that the installation completed successfully, though it obvioussly crapped out once it found the correct file versions, and did not bother to update the registry.

And this is the patch they are ranting and raving about? No wonder the solution to the famous worm was to take WindowsUpdate offline ...

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Ah so that's why it showed in WindowsUpdate even when it was properly installed via hotfix.cmd before! I had this yesterday too when i did a test of my unattended XP CD. I guess i will just add that key to my .reg file, thanks for the tip!

No wonder the solution to the famous worm was to take WindowsUpdate offline ...

They never took it offline. Lovsan/Blaster tried to connect to "windowsupdate.com". Microsoft took that address out of DNS, so the worm couldn't reach it anymore. Microsoft itself uses "windowsupdate.microsoft.com" which is not the same address, so they could keep it online all the time.

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Just need the key - no values.

I still install with the /N switch, and after add the key to the registry via a .reg file.

Ok, thanks. For everyone's convenience, they proper key name is


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Yes, I had already found this bug and solved the problem. Microsoft changed his judgement criteria for installation of Hotfix 823980 in recent days. I don't understand why Microsoft changed it, it seems Microsoft was too sensitive after the bursting of Worm.Blaster.

Also the recent IE patch Q822925 or other patches make the ftp virtual directory can not display correctly.

Furthermore, recent hotfixes make the long-distance help (through Windows Messenger) can not work, any other people meet the same problem as me?

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