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Maximum resolution for Windows Installation

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Is it possible to set a higher resolution for the windows installation ?

I am trying to install @ 1280*800 as that is my laptop's native resolution, and the installation screen looks much better that way ;)

PS: my (nvidia) driver gets installed somewhere at the beginning of the installation

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Even if the gfx driver is installed at the beginning, you have to restart.

You could use VidChng in the downloads section of the ua guide and put it in DetachedProgram=res.cmd (in winnt.sif) and in res.cmd put the vidchng.exe -switches

res.cmd goes in $OEM$\$1

Or you can use an addon on ryanvm.net


Changes resolution information in HIVESYS.INF to run GUI-mode Setup in 1024x768x32.


MD5: B85E7AADDEE8EF693C4EC921E297D01F

SIZE: 604 bytes

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VMware and virtual pc automatically change the resulotion to a fixed rate in 32bit mode, ie not while it is booting, but while it is installing and you are using it.

I'm outta ideas, maybe there's some way to mod the cab to run it in a higher res?

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