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Best install method


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What you all think is the best way to go about this.

What i want is to do an auto install of XP SP2 on many many differant computers then auto install Office and loads of other apps... At the moment i use the simply method of a WINNT.SIF file and booting from DVD, it has to be a dvd as the drivers for all the computers add up to about 1gb using driverpack.net (cheers btw) method 3 then office etc takes a lot of room but at some times the copy of the files fails and then doesnt complete the install correctly as office and all the other apps are copied accross at the end of txtmode setup so i was thinking about doing it from dos

What do you all think i should do to make things quicker and have better results?

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Instead of copying the files locally for office then running the setup why not run the office install straight from the DVD?

The unattended.msfn.org site explains how to run apps from CD to help you get started.

Good luck.

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Use my metod

I use your Script Pack for instal few aplikatons.

This is very interesting metod. All programs in time instalarion do extracting file in Programs File directory and sone times to ProgramFiles/Cmmon or Windows ,Windows\system32 or Documents and Settings

i did put my programs file after instalation, registrations and andactivations and do comress 7zip 4.32 comresor.

from file Programs File to 101_Prog.7z, from Windows\system32 to 000_WinD.7z , from Documents and Setings to 000_Syst.7z and Menu Start to 101_AllU.7z and .reg for apllications from registry.

This is OEM dorectory











After instalation I got all programs in my Meny Start and all work good


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