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Remap the keyboard in Windows XP!


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Just found this and tried it out, it works nice. You can remap any key to any other key, or disable keys, with a simple registry tweak.

Their explanation is a bit confusing, but here's a simple breakdown of the key value:


Repeat the section in brackets as often as needed. Each is a pair of key codes. ss,ss is the code for the key you want to remap, and dd,dd is the code you want to remap it to. nn is the number of remappings, plus one. So for example, I used the value:








To remap 6 keys:

Caps Lock to A

Scroll Lock to Caps Lock

Media to Mute

Mail to Previous Track

Internet to Play/Pause

Search to Next Track

Which eliminates me pressing Caps Lock instead of A on my laptop, gives the Scroll Lock key some actual purpose, and turns the multimedia keys I never use into ones I do use. :)

I suspect that "nn,00,00,00" is actually "nn,nn,nn,nn", a byteswapped 32-bit number. However I haven't confirmed this.

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This is awesome for WoW when I hit tab and end up hitting caps.

Any idea if it is possible to map a key function to two keys at the same time? My IBM X40 laptop has no Window's key but instead a function key. I don't want to simply remap the function key to the Window's key, but rather make Window's key = Fn +Ctrl.

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