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USCERT Alert regarding Windows security fault


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MDGX, I wasn't sure if you were "Eck" or not. I did not mean to be critical as I appreciate your efforts.

HOWEVER most OFFICIAL security related sited DO use the MS KB or Update# as a PRIMARY way to notify users of a problem. Now that MS is no longer using ANY Win98/ME listings, it is up to US to take the information found in that KB/Update# and see if it is applicable to 98/ME!

OK I don't want to ask you to redo your templates, but how about FROM NOW ON, being that Windows Update is DEAD for 98/ME, you list SOME sort of external reference that indicated WHY the new 98/ME update is needed? Something linked and "official" as opposed to just a reference that this is a user enhancement or a unofficial update by itself. Also, how about a line on the UNOFFICIAL FIXES to the OFFICIAL FIXES as to WHAT and WHY the OFFICIAL update is flawed, and what the UNOFFICIAL update is.

Any additional clarification is always welcome and can be ignored, but deficiencies of important data only lead to flawed assumptions.

I just want to be able to easily keep my WIN98SE secure and relevant now that it's no longer a supported product.


I'm not Eck, nor anybody else, my only "handle"/"nick" here at MSFN is MDGx. ;)

You got a couple of good points about posting a little more info about the official bug/fix and related link(s), if any, at each unofficial fix/update.

I'll try to do this from now on.

Although [in case you haven't noticed], I always post a link to the official MS0x-0xx and/or KBxxxxxx article for all unofficial updates. Reading through those MS articles enables the reader to understand where the file comes from originally, and what is the purpose for the respective bug and its fix.


About posting more links/comments to justify why an update [official or unofficial] is needed, I think that if I post a short description of the bug and a link to its fix, that's enough reason to install it.

Besides, I always post the link to MS0x-0xx and/or KBxxxxxx article, which explain(s) in detail the bug and its fix.



All updates that link to MS0x-0xx articles are called "Security Vulnerability Fixes" [usually critical from security point of view, must be installed if using networks/internet].

All updates that link to KBxxxxxx articles are called "Fixes" [not critical from security point of view, but useful, because fix OS bugs, which sometimes can be serious].




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