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Vista 2.2 Wb Theme


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- Skin comes now in one piece...2 substyles

- Uninstall any previous version of "Vista" before installing this one.

- You need to apply LS Patch from Windows X before applying the skin, the patch is safe

on ENGLISH versions of XP-SP2 and only remove the Logoff/Shutdown text.

- The styler toolbar needs Styler 1.38 and above to work.

- Copyright 2005-2006 Nova Casa Jazz, do not rip or use parts of this skin and call it yours as a lot of so-called skinners (Milork, Olegmontana and others) have

done since my last public update, ask me before, I have never said NO.

Version 2.2


- Added new Basic Skin

- New controls

- New progress bar

- Redesigned startmenu with 2 colors items Highlight like in Vista (see preview)

- New shell style and styler toolbar

Get it here

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