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Identifying your XP serial/activation number


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The poll on the main page made me think of this. I have several (5 pcs and 3 laptops) computers with XP pro. I have roughly 12 serial keys. I am trying to identify which computer goes with which code. Is there any way to find this info out? Some of the codes that I don't think I've used are showing as activated when I try and use them.

Also is there a way to plug a code into Microsoft.com and find out if you've registered it and if so what hardware it is tied to? I know that a few of them I'ved used and then reformated the drive or had a drive failure.

[edit]Changed registration to activation[/edit]

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You're referring to product activation. You never have to register.

Yes that is what i meant, activation. No I have never registered.

Thanks both for the link. I'll check that out.

Any ideas on the 2nd part of my post?

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There's a webpage to check if the product key is genuine but it won't tell you about what hardware is tied up with.

For factory PCs and laptops, there're usually the COA stickers to show you about the keys.

For genuine retail versions, the keys are not tied to any machine so there shouldn't be problems with reactivation.

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