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SOF and Firefox problem


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I'm creating an unattended installation for personal use and have a problem with getting one of my extensions to work. I hope someone can assist in getting this extension to work.

I use an extension called ASpell which requires the installation of the ASpell program. This adds a spellcheck option to the content menu of Firefox. My silent firefox installation works but when I try to use the Aspell option I get a message stating it cannot find the run_aspell.js file. My research shows the files located in a folder created in the C:\Documents and Settings\Admin\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\erc2yrgp.default\extensions folder called {ae2fe5af-2c80-41cf-bc14-260a88a36e44}. It contains the Run_aspell.js and Run_aspell.sh files.

I manually copy the folder to it's proper location and the program works.

How can I get SOF to include this folder or is there a way to 'point' my firefox to look in another location for the files? I'm not a programmer and my attempts to understand how Firefox works leads to much frustration.

Any Firefox guru's out there can help me modify the Aspell extension to work? This is the only one giving me problems.

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