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Removing some unwanted folders


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For a lot of time, i've seen 2 completely useless folders in Program Files which are protected by Windows File Protection. These folders are called "xerox" and "microsoft frontpage". I am wondering if there is a way to remove these 2 useless folders without damaging my system.

I've also seen a tutorial on how to remove Windows Movie Maker without any damage to my computer but I do not think that there is any way to replicate that method of deletion. So it would be great if anyone could post a solotion here. Thanks.

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Acctualy i just hide those folders during my unattended install

ATTRIB +H "%programfiles%\xerox"

ATTRIB +H "%programfiles%\microsoft frontpage"

will do the trick. you have to place these lines in a batch and run them at first boot to make then work. place the cmd file in your Startup folder. good luck

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