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Adding True Image to the boot menu within CDSHELL


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I have found there is some old topics on adding Acronis true image to the CDSHELL Boot menu.

None of the examples have worked for me. has anyone out there succeeded in adding a current version of

True Image to their bootup iso file. I know that it is simple to add through easyboot. But I want it added to CDSHELL.

Thank you

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I dont uderstand what difference this would make. I already created a bootable Iso file, extracted the

boot file from that edited cdshell to memdisk that boot file and added the recovery folder to root of my

Multiboot ISO File. It did not work. Virtual Floppy is looking for a .sys file

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i have never used cdshell, so not sure it will work for ISO emulation or boot information from an ISO,

for me,, easyboot worked perfect.. coz it supports bootable information from the ISO..

but i am sure that CDshell will support ima (floppy image)

so i recommend u to create the true image with the help of virtual floppy.

i have created ,, and working fine,, perfectly,,,

but recovery folder will not work,,

even in bootable iso i haven't found that folder working.

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I have found a for sure way to bootup an iso image of true image or any Iso image in CDSHELL

You will need an images folder to integrate Acronis Recovery Iso Image which I named Acronis.iso

Since I had UBCD integrated into my MultiBoot DVD everything I needed was already there. So to make this

easy I would advise to integrate into your Multiboot Iso. As a matter of fact all of my CDSHELL menu has been reformed just like the UBCD by scripting from one page to another. I have integrated both text and Graphics options they both work just the same (scripting from one page to another).

This is what part of my menu looks like

print " "

print " "

print " "

print " "

print " [1] Easy Recovery Pro "

print " [2] Partition Magic 8.0 "

print " [3] Norton Ghost Recovery & Virus Scan "

print " [4] ERD Commander 2005 "

print " [5] ERD Commander 2005/inram "

print " [6] Windows Pre-Installation Environment "

print " [7] Active@ Boot Disk Pro 2.1 "

print " [8] True Image Recovery (Create & Restore) "

print " [9] SpinRite (Recovery) "

print " [0] Ultimate Boot Disc Tools "

print " "

print " "

print " "

print " "

print " "

set textColor = color[white on blue]

print " Please select an item (ESC returns to main menu) "

set textColor = color[white on black]


# Actions




if $lastKey == key[1]; then memdisk /easy.IMA

if $lastKey == key[2]; then memdisk /PM8.IMA

if $lastKey == key[3]; then chain /GHOS.DAT

if $lastKey == key[4]; then chain /ERD1.DAT

if $lastKey == key[5]; then chain /ERD2.DAT

if $lastKey == key[6]; then chain /BOOTXPEW.BIN

if $lastKey == key[7]; then memdisk /LSoft.img

if $lastKey == key[8]; then set method = "diskemu"; then set image = "Acronis"; then script launch.scn

if $lastKey == key[9]; then memdisk /spinrite.img

if $lastKey == key[0]; then script main.scn

if ($lastKey == key[esc]); then script WIND.Scn

As you can see button 8 will load the entire ISO image.

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