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rise of legends

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was playing around with the demo for rise of nations and found that it only needed a few apis rather than a few hundred. and was wondering if it was posible to get it to work.

i had to extract the contents of the msi because the install had a version checker which i got past successfully with unicows but then it wanted admin privllages and i could go no further.

so here what they are

Kernel32.dll AttachConsole

Kernel32.dll Process32FirstW

Kernel32.dll Process32NextW

Gdi32.dll GetGlythIndicesW

and i need a copy of PDH.dll

as in a fake copy like the ones made by Tihiy for PSAPI (the real PDH.dll references to NTDLL.dll so it is no good)

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was recently playing around with win2k and found that 2k didnt have the AttachConsole API either but the system requirements allow 2k so it must of been incorperated into 2k so it should be able to possibly maybe put it in 98 maybe.

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GetGlythIndicesW should be GetGlyphIndicesW... it's a 2k+ API, doesn't look too easy to implement...

Process32FirstW and Process32NextW are just W (unicode) versions of APIs that have existed since Win95, so interfacing them to the existing A versions should not be too difficult (quick Unicode conversion: delete every second byte from the string).

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