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Creating lnk files other than manual


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how can I create lnk files via script or command?

Say I want to create a lnk file which points to C:\Prog\Prog.exe.

Normally I have to do it manually by right clicking on Prog.exe and

select Create Shortcut.

1.) Can this be done by a script or command?

2.) Is it possible to use system variables like %systemdrive& instead of fixed paths?

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Thanks, but I can't it get to work. I checked the help and tried this:

shortcut -s -t D:\Progs\Test\test.exe -n Test -d h:\prog-w2k\system -i D:\Progs\Test\test.exe -x 0 -l test.log

I put shortcut.exe in c:\temp and execute it from there via a cmd file and get the following error:

Error: unable to find D:\Progs\Test\test.lnk

Are there maybe some examples or further documentation?

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example on how to create a shortcut on the user's desktop:

shortcut -f -t C:\SysTools\ProcExp.exe -n "%USERPROFILE%\Desktop\Process Explorer"

This will create a shortcut to C:\SysTools\ProcExp and place the corresponding .lnk File on your Desktop.

Bye, Egon

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