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Intel WORKING RIS driver

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Hello all!

I've been using RIS for about a year. One of the major problem I had, was to find each time Intel release a new NIC the working set of driver for RIS.

A few people in this forum claimed that the 10.3 driver set was working really well for them. In my setup, a couple a my NIC were not working. The new 1000 /PL combined with the 945GTP chipset gave me some kind of headache last week. So I googled to fnd something that was working with this one.

I finally found something out of nowhere on the Intel website. Download label is "LAN_10.4_ALLOS_PV.EXE". They came on the 956GTP chipset homepage. If you look for the nic driver, you'll find the 10.3.

They came with specific .inf driver in a separate folder. After reading the "readme.txt" I have compiled these driver, available for download right here.

You should delete all your previous driver in the "i386" before installing these. For your folder "$OEM$\$1\driver\Nic" you should use the 10.3 driver.

So far I have tested with 1000 /PL, 100 /VE and 1000 /MT and ALL were successfull.

This download should give you peace and serenity :)

EDIT: Sorry, but the attachment system had refused my attachment the first time and I didn't noticed it.

Here is the link: RIS working drivers

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and just as i've been having issues with my pro/1000 MT i discoverednot only your advice, will try later in betwen watching the footy i noticed this on Intel website all by accident:

Cannot Load PRO/100 or PRO/1000 Network Adapters Using RIS Installation


which gives specific details of what to use and where, why do these people make things so hard for us

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You can check this, but you don't need to install any hotfix. My RIS is installed on a 2003 SP1, they do say that I might need need a hotfix, but I haven't installed.

All you have to do is to clear the older driver found in i386, copy these, restart your RIS service and everything should be ok.

Theses drivers are awesome :D

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are they really version 10.4, as i could only 10.3 for RIS and that was using info given by Intel themselves.

According to the inf I got here is the driver number found inside

For my file:

e1e5132.inf: 04/03/2006,

e100b325.inf: 01/12/2006,

e1000325.inf: 01/06/2006,

10.3 from intel website:

e1e5132.inf: 01/23/2006,

e100b325.inf: 01/12/2006,

e1000325.inf: 01/06/2006,

So 2 of the 3 have the same datecode. But all of my file are identified inside the inf file as "RIS INF" so I guess they are modified.

The download from which they come from is "LAN_10.4_ALLOS_PV.EXE". I tought it was 10.4 with that but anyway, they worked so far with all my attempt.

Did you tried them?

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