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Permissions Issue with during an Off2k unattended install

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I have created a simple unattended installation of Off2k, slipstreamed the service packs and hotfixes and created an MST file using CIW. I execute it using RunOnceEx.cmd and it works (the applications all install and are configured as I had set with CIW). When I log off or reboot and log back on as any user other than an administrator, I experience 2 INF install failures - specifically the message that appears twice on the desktop is "INF Install failure. Reason: Access is denied." At this point, I can't tell whether this is a registry or file permissions error. My first thought was to utilize Sysinternals FileMon and RegMon tools and execute them at startup to specifically identify the permissions issue - the problem here is that they need to execute with administrator level privileges and the only way to do that that I am aware of is using a shortcut with the runas cmd inserted into the target line - using this approach, while regmon and filemon will definitely run, I will be unable to enter the admin password fast enough for them to run and capture the permissions error, that I am trying to capture at boot up. Can anyone suggest anything?

Update - 20Jun06 - figured it out.

the "INF Install failure", came as a result of using RC8 of nLite. goto RC8 - Advanced INF Install Failure for background and resolution

regarding the use of FileMon and RegMon with elevated permissions without having to enter the admin password in realtime, I utilized and AutoIt script. I got the idea from the forum but the full code block is located in the AutoIt help file. here it is for reference

; Set the RunAs parameters to use local adminstrator account
RunAsSet("Administrator", @Computername, "Administrator password")
; Run program (arg 1) as admin
; Reset user's permissions

works wonderfully and you can tweak to use for other users and passwords. I found it helpful to check other user's registry entries this way.

anyhow, people are clearly reading this message thread - thought you'd like to know

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