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Office 2000 configuration and Outlook 2000 account creation

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I am beyond the point of a simple unattended installation of Office 2K. I've learned how to create the admin installation point, slipstream the service packs and hotfixes and create a transform using CIW. I'm now stuck at the point of application configuration (selecting and deselecting the numerous options under tools under each application so that that each application works both consistently for each user and just the way I would like it to operate) and the establishment of user email accounts (each user will have at least one email account and I don't want them to interfere with each other).

As best as I can figure out, I need to work with Office Profile Wizard to create a file that will capture all the settings (located under Tools, Options of each component program) of my Office applications and execute PROFLWIZ at first logon for each user including the Admin user. Each user including the Admin user will have a unique *.ops file as each will contain similar registry settings but belong to a different user profile. Additionally, I will need to create a *.prf file for each user that will contain each user's email account information and execute NEWPROF at first logon for each user probably after having had executed PROFLWIZ.

So my questions are as follows:

1) Has anyone ever tried to do this? if so, how did you do it?

2) Is this a reasonable approach? Has anyone got any ideas as to how to improve it?

3) Does anyone know how to create an *.ops file in which I can use environment variables, specifically %USERNAME%, %USERPROFILE%, %ALLUSERSPROFILE%, %APPDATA% - I suspect this file will be exactly the same for all users apart from the locations and registry locations of all the settings

4) Does anyone know how to create an *.prf file in which I can use environment variables, specifically %USERNAME%, %USERPROFILE%, %ALLUSERSPROFILE%, %APPDATA% - I suspect I may be able to create a file that addresses all email accounts for each user - the underlying settings will be identical, the accounts will obviously be different.

5) Does anyone how to activate a program at first logon only for any user?

I'm sure I will have additional questions - if anyone can think of anything I should consider I would be grateful for the advice.


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