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Restart to MS-DOS mode (another PC)


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Mobo: Asus TX97-LE with P233MMX & 144 meg FPM DRAM.

Cards: Promise ULTRA 66 HA, ATI RageXL video, 3C905

OS: 98SE, SP2.1a, IE 6.0, several patches especially shutdown related, configmg.vxd from W98

After a clean install of 98SE and nothing more, everything works fine, but if I install the drivers for the promise, any M$ patch, or SP2.1a, all hell breaks loose -- nothing in the shutdown menu will work. After going through everything I could find and lots of tinkering with BIOS options, I could get shutdown and restart to work, but not restart to MS-DOS mode.

Any idea on why this is happening? What is involved when exiting to MS-DOS mode? Or how to fix that?

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When I worked with Win98 I had switched from command.com to 4dos.com as my shell. This was through config.sys file. To start GUI I had to either include win in autoexec.bat or type it at the command prompt since the system booted to Command prompt only. If I switched off the pc from the GUI it would land back at the command prompt & then could simply switch off with power switch.

4dos is now free. You could try it out to sort out your problem of booting to a command prompt.

Hope this helps.

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