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auto reboot after hibernate?


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Hey fellas,

I built my first HTPC, and i'm having a weird issue I'm hoping I can get some insight on.

I have hibernation set up on my htpc, so that when i press the power button on the remote, the PC goes into hibernate. I do this at night when I got to bed. When I get up in the morning, the darn thing is back on again, and I have to hard reboot (hold the power button until it goes down, then turn it back on again) to get the TV tuner working.

Any idea as to why my pc turns itself on at night? I know it's not a power issue as the pc is on a UPS, besides, it's set to last state, as opposed to full on.


oh, forgot to add... anyone know of a way to get the remote to turn the PC on? It's a USB remote, so I'm assuming the USB port would have to be active to receive the signal, so my initial reaction is an anwer of "no", but I'm holding out hope

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