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SB Live! XP drivers and IntelliPoint/IntelliType

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First off, the MS IntelliPoint and IntelliType apps appear to have a little problem - loading the MSI directly doesn't seem to work, as it instead demands you load up the setup.exe file two directories earlier.

And the Soundblaster Live! XP Driver Pack is truly too much of a beast to understand... does anyone know of any 'unattend' instructions to make this easier for moi? Thanks.

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I haven't tried SB Drivers yet, but I know that I haven't been able to get Intellipoint Drivers to work.

They are packed funny, when I extract them it seems like there are multiple insallers inside. Once I resolve some other more pressing install items I might go back and look into them a bit more. 8)

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Mortis, I'll have a correct $OEM$ folder order for you this evening. You're right the folder sort isnt lending to pre installs as intended and dell etc have made MS aware of it. There is a workaround but I'll have to get it from someone else here.

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For the sblive, if using the current asio enabled drivers or a variant, edit the iss file

its your best bet at having the complete support dlls loading as it has an existing wow16 problem in their installshield implementation, a hotfix is available for it

but does not help at install time

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I got my sblaster drivers to install in unattended mode by using the full drivers and taking out the folder called drivers and adding this to my winnt.sif file OemPnPDriversPath="Drivers\sblive" put it in my drivers folder under sblive $OEM$------$1-----Drivers------sblive

If you need the link to drivers it is Audigy Download

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For Installing the intellitype you need the oem mouse drivers as saved above. Extract and keep hte folder and contents called setup put in your $OEM$-----$1-----Install-----mouse

Add this to a batch file

ECHO Installing Intellimouse
start /wait %systemdrive%\install\mouse\oemsetup.exe %systemdrive%\install\mouse\oemsetup.ini

You will then need to change the Setup.in

under startup change to SuppressReboot=Y

Then change in OEMSETUP.ini the type of mouse under device to one of the below .

"Microsoft Cordless Wheel Mouse (CWM),Microsoft IntelliMouse (IM) , Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer (IME), Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer

version 3.0a (IME3), Microsoft IntelliMouse Optical (IMO), Microsoft IntelliMouse TrackBall (IMT),IntelliMouse Web (IMW), Microsoft Mouse (MM), Microsoft TrackBall Explorer (TE), MicrosoftTrackBall Optical (TO), Microsoft Wheel Mouse (WM), Microsoft Wheel Mouse Optical (WMO),

Microsoft Wireless IntelliMouse Explorer (WIME), or Microsoft Wireless Wheel Mouse (WWM)"

Hope this helps

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Thanks cheesehead.

I haven't tried out what you said yet, but I did do some research.

Between the OEM installer(ip4_1engalloemmsi.exe) and the 4.12 installer (IP4_12EngALLMsi.exe) there are only THREE differences.

In the \Mouse folder setup.exe is dated April 4, 2002 in the OEM package and January 22 2003 in the 4.12 installer.

In the \Mouse\Setup folder the OEM installer has a IPOEMOPK.pdf file. This is missing in the 4.12 installer.

In the \Mouse\Setup folder the OEM installer has a OEMSETUP.ini. This is missing in the 4.12 installer

Otherwise all the rest of the files are identical.

I'm guessing that the OEM installer has the 4.12 drivers as well. 8)

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