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Love and HATE Windows 98


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I'd say no to WDM audio drivers on an old system. They tax the limited resources, and his Dos games will no longer play FM synthesizer sounds unless using an actual ISA soundcard that has an FM chip on it. Vxd's play better with dos (and use less resources generally) as long as they have dos drivers. Wdm's don't need dos drivers, but they need games to have an MPU-401 general midi setting for the music as those that don't will not have sound (unless it's an ISA card with an FM Synth chip).


.. he could also use a PCI soundblaster LIVE (5.1 digital) card and force on either the creative pci512 or stock drivers on it. As long as it's set in multimedia to use that card for wave and midi playback it will work 100% fine for dos games in windows. Even if you have more than one sound card in use... just disable the legacy emulation drivers (if they never worked right to begin with) for the other cards you have.

Got my hands on this card out of a stack i was testing for compatibility. Works great for dos-in-windows for both midi\sound and no need for emulation. Also uses WDM (boo hiss!) drivers...

Just configure the card to use I\O 5 and set the dos games to use general midi and soundblaster 16 sound on 5-1-6.

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