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replacing windows icons from within windows


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Can anyone tell me how i might go about replacing icons from within windows. I have looked through all the articles I can find, and have even looked at articles from other resourecs (searching in google).

I want to replace the dll and cpl icons but from within windows.

firstly i run this batch file

REM File backup. To enable file backup for removal of new icons

cmdow @ /HID
@echo off
md c:\windows\undo
md c:\windows\undo\logs
md c:\windows\undo\logs\dllcache
md c:\windows\undo\logs\sys32

xcopy c:\windows\system32\access.cpl c:\windows\undo /K /Q
xcopy c:\windows\system32\appwiz.cpl c:\windows\undo /K /Q

Then run this batch file

REM Replacement of files
process -s explorer.exe

FOR %%i in (dllcache\*.txt) DO reshacker.exe -script %%i
FOR %%i in (sys32\*.txt) DO reshacker.exe -script %%i

process -r explorer.exe

My scripyts for the dll cache files are in the dllcache folder, and the system32 scripts are in sys32. Process is a program i found that will allow shuting down of processes, put processes in standby (-s disable from use but leave in memory, but can be renabled with -r).

Each script is in the form

Exe = "c:\windows\system32\appwiz.cpl"
SaveAs = "c:\windows\system32\appwiz.cpl"
Log = "c:\windows\undo\logs\sys32\appwiz.cpl.log"

-addoverwrite "c:\windows\iconpack\2_appwiz.cpl\1.bmp", BITMAP, 100,
-addoverwrite "c:\windows\iconpack\2_appwiz.cpl\2.bmp", BITMAP, 101,
-addoverwrite "c:\windows\iconpack\2_appwiz.cpl\3.bmp", BITMAP, 102,
-addoverwrite "c:\windows\iconpack\2_appwiz.cpl\4.bmp", BITMAP, 103,
-addoverwrite "c:\windows\iconpack\2_appwiz.cpl\5.bmp", BITMAP, 104,
-addoverwrite "c:\windows\iconpack\2_appwiz.cpl\6.bmp", BITMAP, 105,
-addoverwrite "c:\windows\iconpack\2_appwiz.cpl\7.bmp", BITMAP, 106,
-addoverwrite "c:\windows\iconpack\2_appwiz.cpl\8.bmp", BITMAP, 107,
-addoverwrite "c:\windows\iconpack\2_appwiz.cpl\10.bmp", BITMAP, 5001,
-addoverwrite "c:\windows\iconpack\2_appwiz.cpl\11.bmp", BITMAP, 5002,
-addoverwrite "c:\windows\iconpack\2_appwiz.cpl\12.bmp", BITMAP, 5003,
-addoverwrite "c:\windows\iconpack\2_appwiz.cpl\13.bmp", BITMAP, 5100,
-addoverwrite "c:\windows\iconpack\2_appwiz.cpl\15.ico", ICONGROUP, 1501,
-addoverwrite "c:\windows\iconpack\2_appwiz.cpl\16.ico", ICONGROUP, 1502,
-addoverwrite "c:\windows\iconpack\2_appwiz.cpl\17.ico", ICONGROUP, 1503,

When i run this, it updates some of the icons (like notepad). but nothing more.

What am i doing wrong??

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