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Reg file:

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop]

And of course, replace blah with the actual location. :D

Theme and UXTheme.dll:

Use the uxtheme.dll patch in nLite.

Custom theme: MSFN Unsttended guide

I could explain it a lot quicker here but I can't be bothered.

Vista Sounds:

Make an SFX to xtract the files to %systemroot%\Media overwriting all files.

Make a batch file or something that says something like:

regedit /S %path%\vistasounds.reg

Or you can put it in the $OEM$\$$\system32\Media folder and set the regfile in a batch or something, see above.

Or use the English MSI and put it in your GuiRunOnce or something as x.msi /qn /norestart

.NET Framework:

Use Ryan's switchless installers here. I personally use Runonceex on them.

You can always xtract the sfx if you want the /qn switch instead of /qb. When making the sfx, on 1.1, you set netfx.msi /qn as the command to execute upon extraction, and on 2.0, it must be install.exe /qn

Isn't it fun playing around with text size and formatting options?

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