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User Accounts Error


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On a fresh install of Windows Xp Service Pack 2 I have this error that pops up every time I try to open user accounts, strange thing is that it doesn't not come if I use the keyboard i.e. select with mouse and press enter key. But when using the mouse the error comes up. All machine settings are default and I have done an Unatteneded installation, but I have seen the problem on my freinds PC also it the same error.

Please see the attached screenshot.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, alternatively you could just try it at your end and see if you get that error...

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Have you had a Anti-Virus installed???

Sometimes a Anti-Virus will be installed with a HTA (HyperText) Blocker.

HTA blocker may be a part of your anti-virus package or a separate application like HTA Stop. Perform a clean boot, thereby closing all the background tasks (including Anti-virus services) and try to open the User Accounts applet.

Additionally, see if this command helps:

mshta "res://C:\WINDOWS\system32\nusrmgr.cpl/nusrmgr.hta"


mshta.exe "res://C:\WINDOWS\system32\nusrmgr.cpl/nusrmgr.hta"

Change the drive-letter if Windows is installed in a different drive. If nothing helps, post the exact error message you see while opening the User accounts applet.

Hope this helps


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