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Outlook2003/Exchange2003 Calendar slowness

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I have received feedback from Microsoft that the recommended amount of items in any folder should be around 3000-5000, anything greater than this will start slowing down when delegates are trying to access. In our instance we have particular slow issues with the calendar and have worked out that most of our users have 4000+ calendar items (which cannot be deleted). We have a client based archiving solution but this does not work well with the calendar. Therefore we have the following possible solution. Create a secondary calendar within Outlook. Rename it to "Archive Calendar" and move any calendar items older than 12 months to this folder. Hopefully this should improve when users are trying to access each others calendars.

The problem is that this needs to be applied to 2,500 people and as I am new to this role I am unsure on how to do this. There may be an easier solution to this but we can't convert the calendar items to PST, we can't delete them, they still need to be available for access at any time.....

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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i cant think of how i would do this..but

does the exchange server have plenty of processing power, memory and at least a 1GBP/s network card? or even a teamed 2GBP/s NIC?

i think that would help :S or at least it may be something to consider

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