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The following thread was posted a while ago and I would like to get some understanding of what I'm doing. I'm a noob. :} Thats for sure when it comes to this stuff. Shark007 posted this silent install method but I can't seem to get understanding of it.


I have installed Corel on a working machine. I have copied dr12.dta. I have made a .reg file by using notepad and copy/pasted the registry file info that he listed. It's at that point I get lost. Does he indend me to copy the CD into my $oem$ folder? If so, that's easy. How do I then import the .reg file I created?? The part where he says to copy dr12.dta into the installed Corel directory, what file does that entry go into? Runonceex, or my batch script??? Please help if you can and get this thread updated.

The other point I need some direction on is how to get this all updated? Is there a way I can slipstream the update pack???


You guys are great! Please help!

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Paradox Me,

According to that post by Shark007 it appears to just be a silent installation, if you wanted Corel installed during your windows setup then yes you would need to put it in $oem$ folder.

To import your .reg file you simply make a .cmd file w/the following command, REGEDIT /S locationofregfile\Corel\corel.reg

Now to slipstream an update you'll need to make an administrative install of Corel, run from your cdrom drive run setup.exe /a from the command prompt and follow the prompts. Download your patch/s; say SP1 which is file name CGS12SP1EN.msp. On Disk1 stored in the administrator folder you can find a MST (answer file). Go to the command prompt again where CGS12SP1EN.msp is. Run msiexec /p CGS12SP1EN.msp /a "X:\administrativeinstall\CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 12.msi" TRANSFORMS=your.mst /qb

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Murman, Thanks for your help, but Corel Draw 12 will not install in administrative because it won't take the product key that way. I've tried. I copied my Corel CD to $OEM$ and call the installation up from there using shark7's method.

What exactly would the line look like in runonceex to execute the .cmd?? Or is that where you do it??

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